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I have owned for over 40 years, and given to me by an old RN mine clearance sailor is clean and crisp with no flaws.
The restrike showing a flaw running from top just below the left hand horn through to the bottom right hand of the mooring rope also the features are nor crisp.
Nothing known about this unit! any help i would be very grateful thanks
These were dropped in rivers and were designed to destroy bridges and moorings,
Diameter 15 inches, 3 Switch horns, 25Lb charge (LS collection)
The tube on the RH side houses the pendulum switch (GS Collection)
Type LMB this would have been attached to the mine body on one end and the 28 cords of 18 feet 6 inches would be attached to the parachute.this mine was dropped in kent in 1943
This mine fuze was used in the Original GA mines and was probably obsolete by early 1940 replaced with the (34) fuze
Side view
Shoesburyness mine 1939
Died March 24 Th 1944 aged 39
Son of frederick + Sarah Harding. Husband of Sadie Harding of Pinner Green
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