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Fuzing a mine RAF Scampton 1940
Reverse of photograph with description
Cookie recovered showing HE Filling
500 lb Bomb dropped on Bonn
American 500 lb bomb with M102 nose fuze
German Experimental trepanner on a MC1000lb british bomb
Mainz bomb squad with 1,000lb british bomb
Rocket wrench
Lecture room at ripon showing various fuzes
Painting bombs
V1 uxb in field
RAF BD Cyprus
Captain Bowen Sheffield 1,000lb Hermann 9/2/85
German SC500 Bomb
British 500 lb uncovered Koblenz 1941
Trepanner being fitted to a British bomb
Trepanner on British bomb
type 17 instructional diagramme
type 17 lower clock detail
German bomb lying in field
German bomb disposal unit Mainz?
American 500 lb bomb
American 500 lb bombs
German bomb squad with british cookie
Preparing the bomb for defuzing
Close up of funnel fitted to pour freezing mixture onto fuze
Pouring liquid oxygen onto 845 fuze
Mainz bomb squad posing with bomb
Freezing 845
1,000Kg hermanns in captured bomb dump
German SC1800 with message
Aerial bomb run photograph Germany
Cyrpus bomb disposal squad
Bomb disposal 1944
A chemical horn mine in Trinidad
A chemical horn mine in Trinidad
FZG 76 V1 oficial photographs
V1 part
part of V1
Radiator from V1
V1 regulator
Butterfly bomb in field
SD2 in grass field
Another shot of the same bomb in grass
Comparison of SD2 size
SD2 hung up on fence
Captain Griffiths with SD2 Eltham June 1943
The same officer handling SD2
Captain J r Griffiths at 25 BD coy HQ Eltham SE9 June 1943
(57) top section
Sectioned Y fuze
(50)B Y fuze Batteries clearly shown
Official RAF photograph showing UXB found in malta July 1940
130Lb HE Bomb found in Malta
43 Lb Incendiary bomb Malta 1940
43 Lb incendiary bomb Malta 1940
250 Lb HE bomb Malta 1940
American GI,s posing next to a 1,000Kg Hermann
German armourers standing next to a 1,000Kg Hermann
German Airmen sitting on 1,000Kg Hermann
Reverse of picture dated 1941
German parachute mine type c
Digging out a V2 rocket nose cone
German 1,800 Kg Satan
Close up shot of C type mine
C type Parachute mine chute
Recovered 500 lb low drag bombs Falkland islands 1983
British 22,000Lb Block Buster
Argentianian dropped 500 lb bom
Far east Bomb disposal group with 500Kg
British No37 pistol being extracted
These pictures below are kindly supplied by Harry Wehner for which I thank him for allowing me to publish them
This next series of pictures show a British Gp500 being cleared
Extraction of a British 1000lb GP bomb. Note the ring shaft which replaced the timber shaft that was used in the 1940's it's one big drawback was that the shaft had to be centrally cited over the bomb, as there is no way to be able to break out of the shaft if the bomb was not central.

The only one left in the UK (due to the MOD scrapping them in the 70's ) can be seen at the Royal Engineers museum, Prince Arthur Road Chatham. The ring shaft above was kindly donated by the Dutch EOD and consists of 3 concentric rings that are placed inside each other, down to the required depth, this replaced the old wooden shaft, that was very labour intensive to erect and fit.
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