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British Fuzes & Pistols
No1 Mk iii Tail pistol
No5 Mk1 Tail pistol
No5 tail pistol with arming vane removed
No 9 Mk 1 nose pistol
British No17 sectioned Tail pistol
No 19 Nose pistol
Top view of No 19 nose pistol
P23 tail pistol
No 27 Mk1
P28 mk 111
Internals of N028 pistol (Blunt)
P28 Mk111
P28 Sectioned
P28 Mkiv bakelite
P28 Mkiv Variation
P28 top
P28 Bottom
P30 mkiv
P30 mk iv sectioned
P30 Mk iv
P30 mk vi
Internal striker for pistol No30 (Pointed)
No 35 top
No 36 Mkii nose fuze
Side View
No 37 Mk 5
No 37 Long delay Tail pistol with exploder tube
Close up of no 37
No 38 Mk ii
Side view
No 44 nose pistol
Top View
No54 Mk 1
Top View
Top View
P75 Mk3
P75 top showing arming vanes
Bottom view of P75
No 76 nose pistol
Mk ii
Top with cap
P79 Pistol Mk 1
P79 Mk 1 sectioned
P79 mk 3 1/2 hour delay
P79 top showing arming vane
P79 Base
846 Mk1/A
848 mk 8
849 mk3 nose fuze (G.S collection)
Side view of 849 . (G.S. Collection)
866 Nose fuze
866 side view
866 base
Side View
Mk 2
Side View
With Cap
880 Fuze
20Lb side view
Top view of fuze fitted
With remnants of parachute
895 G.Smith collection
Other side G.Gmith collection
943 mk1 Tail fuze for use in the 8 inch photoflash
907 Mkiv
Top View of 943 Mk 1
952 Mkii
960 Mk1 (GS collection)
960 mk 1 (GS collection)
Base of 960 (GS Collection)
Adaptor Exploder
with Pistol No30 Mkiv
1,000lb exploder pocket
Top View
Top view with No30 pistol fitted
Exploder pocket parts with No30 pistol and detonator
British arming rod,used for Tail pistols
Arming rod showing intermeshed with arming vane assy
Diagrammme showing tail arming rod (From AP161B)
American Made RAF Dropped M111A2 Mechanical Flare fuze
The same fuze sectioned
Arming Vanes for pistols
Top showing setting delay in hours
Side view showing water inlet on RH Side
Base of timer (missing its key)
Stores tin as supplied
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